8 Reasons Why Black Lingerie is a Girl’s Best Friend

Black Lingerie is a Girl’s Best Friend and Here are 8 Reasons Why:


Diamonds may be forever
and flowers sweet as ever,
but black lingerie is both naughty and nice!
What better gift to add a bit of extra spice…
to just about any romantic endeavor.


Black is a color that evokes many different emotions, its characteristics described with many different adjectives. It’s no coincidence that these adjectives also work very well to describe your favorite black lingerie.


1. Sophisticated
Black lingerie says she is sophisticated, classy and stylish. Her lingerie is timeless, multi-purposed and made of quality material and design.

2. Powerful
Black is a symbol of power. In black lingerie, she will exude confidence and that authoritative attitude will keep her feeling attractive and special, all the while drawing you in for a closer look.

3. Elegant
Black lingerie is elegant in form and function. It is beautiful to look at and works well with most outfits and for most occasions.


4. Luxurious
Black lingerie is luxurious whether it is shimmery black satin silk, smooth black velvet or rich black French lace. Black is the luxurious color of choice for many men and women.

Black Lingerie example: Valery Calyso Babydoll and G-string Set in black5. Sexy
Many men believe that black is the most irresistible color in women’s lingerie. Always attractive and flattering, black is a color that makes her look slimmer and accentuates her curves and lines. Perhaps black lingerie is a man’s best friend too!

6. Mysterious
Black is mysterious and conducive to many romantic encounters. Imagining what’s under that beautiful black underwear is always alluring. They don’t call it black magic for nothing!

7. Exotic
For those exotic fantasies, there are many dazzling lingerie garment options in black. Some will lead you to adventurous dreams and others evoke visions of far away lands.

8. Daring
Black lingerie is daringly seductive, so treat your lover and yourself to something delightfully decadent. Get inspired by our collection of black lingerie images on Pinterest or simply browse our online store for your favorite noir negligee of choice.