Tangas or Thongs, It’s Time to Tango

Tangas That Make You Want To Tango


Did you know that tangas and thongs are the same undergarments? In Europe and Africa they call this perfectly comfortable, invisible and ultimately sexy pair of panties, a tanga, and in the United States they call it a thong.


So tangas or thongs, you simply can’t go wrong.

It’s time to tango with that tanga on.

She’ll make you feel strong, keep that engine on,

And get ready to dance to your new thong song.



There are many different styles and unfortunately no trials, so why don’t you just buy a different one for every night of the week. Afterall, you’re ready to get into that tango groove and show your lady your extra smooth moves. Tanga, thong or g-string please, whatever she wears it’s bound to tease. If seduction’s your game, then tanga is the name and she’ll like how it makes her feel. Get ready for a steady flow of thrills with no frills for the tanga is enough already.


Parah Boudoir Open Back Tanga

Sexy, black peek-a-boo back with lattice strings and scalloped edges. Sexy tanga matches Boudoir push up bra or great on its own.

Parah Boudoir Open Back Tanga


Lise Charmel Sublime Assur G-string

The Sublime Assur g-string is your classic Lise Charmel g-string with a sheer front of French Calais lace in midnight blue with highlights of cobalt blue embroideries. The stretch tulle t-back is connected to the front with side straps covered in midnight blue guipure lace. Departing from the classic look are two detachable satin ribbons that tie above the hips for added style and seduction. This fashionable g-string is a nice complement to the Sublime Assur push-up bra.

Tangas - Lise Charmel Sublime Assure


Bracli Classic Pearl Thong

Designed for the ultimate erotic experience, the stimulating Bracli pearl thong is an import from Spain. Made of two panels of soft stretch French lace, it comes in two versions. Both single and double versions feature the same lustrous Manacor white pearls.

Bracli Classic Pearl Thong


R. Crescentini Impulse Fondness Tanga

The front of this tanga is made of exquisite transparent Chantilly lace . Its back of embroidered sheer elastic tulle is split with lace-up details reminiscent of the same treatment on the Impetus chemise. Superbly crafted, it is a lovely complement to the Impetus chemise.

Impulse Fondness Tanga


Lola Luna Vanina Open G-string

The Vanina open g-string has a sheer nude mesh embroidered with swirls of black and ecru embroideries. The focal point is a floral embroidery in tones of ecru, light pink and rosy beige. The opening is decorated with a removable triple silver chain holding three round pink crystals, an echo of the silver rings and pink crystals on the straps.

Lola Luna Vanina Open G-string


Aubade Bahia Low Tanga

The Classic Tanga has been reinterpreted in this Low Tanga version. With a lower rise, slightly thinner sides and a thinner back, it has a deeper plunge V back with the same signature eyelet lace in front and lace-up design in back as the Classic Tanga.

Low Tanga


Aubade Fleur de Pommier Tanga

Tulle front tanga with embroidered tulle back, open triangle at top with double spaghetti ties and center butterfly.

Simone Perele Invisibulles thong


And if you’re not finding your perfect tanga or thong in our suggestions below there are many more on this site. Take a look at our thong/tanga search.