The question that often comes up at our boutique is: what is a waist cincher and what’s the difference between a garter belt and a waist cincher?
The garter belt and the waist cincher serve the same purpose: they have four garters/ clips to hold up stockings. But the waist cincher is usually wider and has built-in stays or bones to define the waist. It is a garment that is worn to make the waist appear smaller. A waist cincher puts the accent on the waist.
Frequently, waist cinchers come with garters – usually four, sometimes six- which are used to hook to stockings. Often times those garters are removable although occasionally some waist cinchers are designed without garters, in which case they are more of a decorative waist accenting garment.
At Aricie Lingerie, we have an amazing array of waist cinchers that will dazzle you.
Christies Amouage Waist Cincher

In this stunning waist cincher, a fine nude tulle is adorned with geometric rows of black embroidered lace for a most impressive effect. With 6 stays and a strong elastic tulle back, it cinches the waist in a most flattering fashion. The four black garters are adjustable, removable and decorated with luxurious black satin bows. Do not pass up this waist cincher as it is a remarkable companion to the Amouage demi bra and g-string.
Aubade L’Insoumise Waist Cincher

The L’Insoumise waist cincher is a repeat of a winning style with stretch leavers lace and arabesques in front and crepe fabric in back, it has four removable garters. Its sizable width makes it a perfect cinching garment, guaranteed to enhance a woman’s natural curves.
Parah Retro Chic Waist Cincher

This opulent waist cincher from the Parah Retro Chic collection features scalloped edges of Chantilly eyelash lace in a stunning sapphire blue color. The Chantilly lace is paired with fine elastic blue tulle for fit and comfort. Two side stays are added to help hug the body and give it a beautiful shape. Four removable garters open up the options to wear the waist cincher with stockings or simply as a decorative waist cinching accessory. Beautiful as a complement to the padded demi bra and g-string from the same collection.
Chantelle Palazzo Waist Cincher

The Palazzo waist cincher has a front of satin adorned with contrasting lace detail. It has four stays for cinching , removable garters and hook and eye closures at back. This is a “must have” seduction piece to complement all the other Palazzo pieces.
Lise Charmel Soir De Venise Waist Cincher

The Lise Charmel Soir de Venise waist cincher is one of the widest and most beautiful cinchers available, with a seductive lace-up ribbon at the center front. Its sheer stretch Calais lace is accented with medallions of rich Guipure lace.
R.Crescentini Passion Ercole Waist Cincher

The Ercole waist cincher is undeniably dramatic. With Valencienne lace inserted into fine sheer tulle, it features a lace-up center defined by stays enrobed in satin. Additional full and half stays encased in luxurious satin give it more cinch and control. The sophisticated design continues in the simple, naked look of the back. In sharp contrast to the glamorous front, the back consists of a simple cross of two satin bands, conveying drama as only Roberto Crescentini can deliver.
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