Women in Panties, Panties Galore

Panties for Every Woman

What’s more alluring than women in panties? Luxurious, beautiful, seductive panties. French panties, Italian panties, your choices are limitless.

Panties come in various designs. There are bikinis, thongs, tangas, boyshorts, open and closed g-strings and briefs. What’s your favorite style? Or do you like a different version every day of the week? What about the color of the panties? Black is often both practical and sultry, but sometimes other colors may spark your wild side.


Take a look at this video including some of our favorites and then see a description of each product below. Of course there are lots more options on AricieLingerie.com too. Enjoy your women in panties.




Women in panties bring fantasies delicious and fun
Silk or lace for your daintiest one?
Panties are perfect whether scanty or not
Black for a night out and red for hot.


G-string, tanga, boyshort or thong,
Each with perfect material, you can’t go wrong
No pantie too pricey for this young lad
For she’s worth every dollar and you’re sure to be glad.


Aubade Bahia G-String
The Aubade Bahia g-string has a feminine appeal that is irresistible. The luxurious soft cotton mix g-string is detailed with pretty eyelet lace. The double string side straps end with a bow on both sides of the triangle back. Available in black, cobalt, red and white, these beautiful, yet ultra comfortable pieces are exclusively from Aubade lingerie of France. Pair this g-string with the Bahia Demi Bra for a stunning matched set.



Lola Luna Eve G-String
The Lola Luna Eve open g-string is truly a unique masterpiece . True to its name it has trademark ornaments of golden snakes with ruby red eyes. The stretch fabric which encases the g-string and forms its straps is a luxurious gold lurex. Its lace is a delicate tulle enriched with antique gold embroideries bordered with a festoon of old gold. The open part of the g-string features a detachable gold chain and a sculpted gold pendant topped with a tiny red Swarovski crystal.


Parah Fior di Loto Culotte Fashion

The Fior Di Loto Culotte Fashion is a striking black panty that can easily be seen as a work of art. The haute couture design features strappy cut-outs in back that accentuate the derriere in the most enticing way. The Culotte is also made with sheer elastic tulle, and two lotus shaped medallions of lace. Wear this piece with the Fior Di Loto Padded Plunge Bra or demi bra for a complete look.



Lise Charmel Floral Dressing Boyshort
Whether all white or nude with ivory embroidered lace, the Floral Dressing boyshort is refined with its guipure lace appliqués over fine microtulle. The flat application of the lace combines with the elastic tulle to create a comfortable, well-fitting garment that does not show any panty line. Pair this boyshort with the Floral Dressing demi bra for a seductive and sophisticated ensemble.



Lise Charmel Precieux Tissage G-String
This is a classic Lise Charmel G-string with added enhancements. The main part of the G-string itself has a triangular front of stretch calais lace, stretch lace sides and a T-back of fishnet bordered with ribbons of lace. It is enhanced by two elastic ribbons of black velvet that can criss cross in front as shown, or worn high on the hips for added sex appeal. Pair it with the padded plunge bra or the demi bra for a beautiful set.



Aubade Bahia Boyshort

The Aubade Bahia Boyshort is made with comfortable stretch cotton mix fabric embroidered with eyelet lace in front and back. With lace-up features on both hips, this boyshort is stylish and unique. Available in black, cobalt, red and white, this boyshort sexily reveals the curves of the bottom. Pair this boyshort with the Bahia Demi Bra for a matching lingerie set.