Women in Underwear


How many times a day do you think of women in underwear? Do you think of a special woman in your life in her underwear? Don’t be embarrassed, be proud and have fun with it. We certainly do.

According to this article in Huffington Post, what kind of panties a woman wears says a lot about her personality. If she’s wearing black, she’s feeling frisky, if it’s boyshorts, she’s interested in comfort and movement, if she likes lacey underwear it means she is “feminine, delicate and high maintenance” and if she wears a thong, she “thinks panty-lines are punishable by death.” Do any of these traits fit with the woman in your life? Do you secretly wish your lady wore more of a certain kind of underwear?




French Lingerie Women’s Underwear from France



At Aricie Lingerie we’re lucky enough to work with pictures of women in underwear all day six days a week. We specialize in French lingerie and offer other European designers’ intimate apparel, but our core brands are from the romantic French. Some of our most popular designers are Antinea, Aubade, Chantelle, Lise Charmel, Lola Luna, Rosy, and Simone Perele.

A women in underwear wearing the Antinea Tanga


We love to show you how the underwear might look when it is being worn by your partner. Do our images send you into that dreamworld of passionate encounters and new adventures? That’s what we’re striving for. We’d love to know what your favorite images of women in underwear are. Some prefer to see more skin, some less, some more cleavage and are more turned on by the panties than the bras.

What turns you on? What is most sexy to you? Does seeing photos of women in underwear increase your desire for intimacy?

Do you have questions about lingerie sizes or how to buy the correct size for yourself or a partner? Take a look at our Size Guide and never buy the wrong size again, or call our San Francisco Lingerie boutique and talk with Lucie. She’ll make recommendations based on your needs. Lucie knows women’s underwear like no-one else.






Lacey Women's Underwear


Beautiful women in Underwear
Does it make you stop and stare?
Or sometimes want to buy a pair
Of daringly seductive lingerie there


Less is more and more is less
Less to see is more to undress
Is it the more or is it the less
Each to his own for that relief of stress


Sexy women in underwear
Trick or treating, but never a scare
Spice up your relationship with something rare
Surprise and show that your have extra care